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Quick Start

Docker Run

Great for testing out the application, but not recommended for stable use. Checkout the docker-compose for the recommended deployment.

For each image there are two tags, respectively the regular tag and $TAG-rootless, which uses a non-root image.

# If using the rootless image, ensure data
# folder has correct permissions
$ mkdir -p /path/to/data/folder
$ chown 65532:65532 -R /path/to/data/folder
# ---------------------------------------
# Run the image
$ docker run -d \
  --name homebox \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --publish 3100:7745 \
  --env TZ=Europe/Bucharest \
  --volume /path/to/data/folder/:/data \


version: "3.4"

#   image:
    container_name: homebox
    restart: always
    - HBOX_LOG_LEVEL=info
    - HBOX_LOG_FORMAT=text
      - homebox-data:/data/
      - 3100:7745

     driver: local


If you use the rootless image, and instead of using named volumes you would prefer using a hostMount directly (e.g., volumes: [ /path/to/data/folder:/data ]) you need to chown the chosen directory in advance to the 65532 user (as shown in the Docker example above).

Env Variables & Configuration

Variable Default Description
HBOX_MODE production application mode used for runtime behavior can be one of: development, production
HBOX_WEB_PORT 7745 port to run the web server on, if you're using docker do not change this
HBOX_WEB_HOST host to run the web server on, if you're using docker do not change this
HBOX_OPTIONS_ALLOW_REGISTRATION true allow users to register themselves
HBOX_OPTIONS_AUTO_INCREMENT_ASSET_ID true auto increments the asset_id field for new items
HBOX_WEB_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE 10 maximum file upload size supported in MB
HBOX_WEB_READ_TIMEOUT 10 Read timeout of HTTP sever
HBOX_WEB_WRITE_TIMEOUT 10 Write timeout of HTTP server
HBOX_WEB_IDLE_TIMEOUT 30 Idle timeout of HTTP server
HBOX_STORAGE_DATA /data/ path to the data directory, do not change this if you're using docker
HBOX_STORAGE_SQLITE_URL /data/homebox.db?_fk=1 sqlite database url, if you're using docker do not change this
HBOX_LOG_LEVEL info log level to use, can be one of: trace, debug, info, warn, error, critical
HBOX_LOG_FORMAT text log format to use, can be one of: text, json
HBOX_MAILER_HOST email host to use, if not set no email provider will be used
HBOX_MAILER_PORT 587 email port to use
HBOX_MAILER_USERNAME email user to use
HBOX_MAILER_PASSWORD email password to use
HBOX_MAILER_FROM email from address to use
HBOX_SWAGGER_HOST 7745 swagger host to use, if not set swagger will be disabled
HBOX_SWAGGER_SCHEMA http swagger schema to use, can be one of: http, https

CLI Arguments

If you're deploying without docker you can use command line arguments to configure the application. Run homebox --help for more information.

Usage: api [options] [arguments]

  --mode/$HBOX_MODE                                                        <string>  (default: development)
  --web-port/$HBOX_WEB_PORT                                                <string>  (default: 7745)
  --web-host/$HBOX_WEB_HOST                                                <string>
  --web-max-upload-size/$HBOX_WEB_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE                          <int>     (default: 10)
  --storage-data/$HBOX_STORAGE_DATA                                        <string>  (default: ./.data)
  --storage-sqlite-url/$HBOX_STORAGE_SQLITE_URL                            <string>  (default: ./.data/homebox.db?_fk=1)
  --log-level/$HBOX_LOG_LEVEL                                              <string>  (default: info)
  --log-format/$HBOX_LOG_FORMAT                                            <string>  (default: text)
  --mailer-host/$HBOX_MAILER_HOST                                          <string>
  --mailer-port/$HBOX_MAILER_PORT                                          <int>
  --mailer-username/$HBOX_MAILER_USERNAME                                  <string>
  --mailer-password/$HBOX_MAILER_PASSWORD                                  <string>
  --mailer-from/$HBOX_MAILER_FROM                                          <string>
  --swagger-host/$HBOX_SWAGGER_HOST                                        <string>  (default: localhost:7745)
  --swagger-scheme/$HBOX_SWAGGER_SCHEME                                    <string>  (default: http)
  --demo/$HBOX_DEMO                                                        <bool>
  --debug-enabled/$HBOX_DEBUG_ENABLED                                      <bool>    (default: false)
  --debug-port/$HBOX_DEBUG_PORT                                            <string>  (default: 4000)
  --options-allow-registration/$HBOX_OPTIONS_ALLOW_REGISTRATION            <bool>    (default: true)
  --options-auto-increment-asset-id/$HBOX_OPTIONS_AUTO_INCREMENT_ASSET_ID  <bool>    (default: true)
  display this help message