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Homebox is the inventory and organization system built for the Home User! With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Homebox is the perfect solution for your home inventory, organization, and management needs. While developing this project, I've tried to keep the following principles in mind:

  • Simple - Homebox is designed to be simple and easy to use. No complicated setup or configuration required. Use either a single docker container, or deploy yourself by compiling the binary for your platform of choice.
  • Blazingly Fast - Homebox is written in Go, which makes it extremely fast and requires minimal resources to deploy. In general idle memory usage is less than 50MB for the whole container.
  • Portable - Homebox is designed to be portable and run on anywhere. We use SQLite and an embedded Web UI to make it easy to deploy, use, and backup.

Project Status

Homebox is currently in early active development and is currently in beta stage. This means that the project may still be unstable and clunky. Overall, we are striving to not introduce any breaking changes and have checks in place to ensure migrations and upgrades are smooth. However, we do not guarantee that there will be no breaking changes. We will try to keep the documentation up to date as we make changes.


  • Create and Manage Items by providing a name and a description - That's it! Homebox requires only a few details to be provided to create an item, after that you can specify as much detail as you want, or hide away some of the things you won't ever need.
  • Optional Details for Items include
    • Warranty Information
    • Sold To Information
    • Purchased From Information
    • Item Identifications (Serial, Model, etc)
    • Categorized Attachments (Images, Manuals, General)
    • Arbitrary/Custom Fields
  • CSV Import/Export for quickly creating and managing items
  • Custom Reporting
  • Bill of Materials Export
  • QR Code Label Generator
  • Organize Items by creating Labels and Locations and assigning them to items.
  • Multi-Tenant Support - All users are placed in a group and can only see items in their group. Invite family members to your group, or share an instance among friends!

Why Not Use Something Else?

There are a lot of great inventory management systems out there, but none of them really fit my needs as a home user. Snipe-IT is a fantastic product that has so many robust features and management options which makes it easy to become overwhelmed and confused. I wanted something that was simple and easy to use that didn't require a lot of cognitive overhead to manage. I primarily built this to organize my IOT devices and save my warranty and documentation information in a central, searchable location.


That's a fair point. If your needs can be fulfilled by a Spreadsheet, I'd suggest using that instead. I've found spreadsheets get pretty unwieldy when you have a lot of data, and it's hard to keep track of what's where. I also wanted to be able to search and filter my data in a more robust way than a spreadsheet can provide. I also wanted to leave the door open for more advanced features in the future like maintenance logs, moving label generators, and more.


Snipe-It is the gold standard for IT management. If your use-case is to manage consumables and IT physical infrastructure, I highly suggest you look at Snipe-It over Homebox, it's just more purpose built for that use case. Homebox is, in contrast, purpose built for the home user, which means that we try to focus on keeping things simple and easy to use. Lowering the friction for creating items and managing them is a key goal of Homebox which means you lose out on some of the more advanced features. In most cases, this is a good trade-off.