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Contributing with Translations

Mealie supports a framework for the community to contribute different translations. Translations can be a great way for non-coders to contribute to project.

My Language Is Missing

If your language is missing, you can add it, by beginning to translate. We use a Vue-i18n in json files. Copy frontend/src/locales/en.json to get started.

Improving Translations

If your language is missing the translation for some strings, you can help out by adding a translation for that string. If you find a string you think could be improved, please feel free to do so.


Currently we use Vue-i18n for translations. Translations are stored in json format located in frontend/src/locales.

If you have experience with a good Translation Management System, please feel free to chime in on the Discord, as such a system could be helpful as the projects grow. Until then, i18n Ally for VScode is recommended to aid in translating. It also has a nice feature, which shows translations in-place when editing code. i18n Ally will also show which languages is missing translations.