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Development: Getting Started

After reading through the Code Contributions Guide and forking the repo you can start working. This project is developed with 🐳 docker and as such you will be greatly aided by using docker for development. It's not necessary but it is helpful.

With Docker


  • Docker
  • docker-compose

You can easily start the development stack by running make docker-dev in the root of the project directory. This will run and build the file.

Without Docker


  • Python 3.9+
  • Poetry
  • Nodejs
  • npm

Once the prerequisites are installed you can cd into the project base directory and run make setup to install the python and node dependencies. Once that is complete you can run make backend and make vue to start the backend and frontend servers.

Make File Reference

make setup installs python and node dependencies

make backend Starts the backend server on port 9000

make vue Starts the frontend server on port 8080

make mdocs Starts the documentation server on port 8000

make docker-dev Builds

make docker-prod Builds docker-compose.yml to test for production

Trouble Shooting

Symptom: Vue Development Server Wont Start

Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'upgrade' of undefined

Solution: You may be missing the /frontend/.env.development. The contents should be VUE_APP_API_BASE_URL= This is a reference to proxy the the API requests from Vue to at port 9921 where FastAPI should be running.

Symptom: FastAPI Development Server Wont Start

Error: RuntimeError: Directory '/app/dist' does not exist

Solution: Create an empty /mealie/dist directory. This directory is served as static content by FastAPI. It is provided during the build process and may be missing in development.

Run into another issue? Ask for help on discord