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v0.5.4 - Bug Fixes

App Version: v0.5.4

Database Version: v0.5.0

Breaking Changes

Breaking Changes


What's Changed

  • Add support for new languages by @sephrat in
  • Allow arrow keys to function when SearchDialog is not open by @asymworks in
  • Use firefox user agent when making requests by @cadamswaite in
  • Improve the SWAG Community Guide by @BryceStevenWilley in
  • New Crowdin updates by @hay-kot in
  • Add LDAP authentication support (v2, onto dev) by @dvdkon in
  • Auto backup is now disabled by default. Enable it by setting the AUTO_BACKUP_ENABLED env variable to true.

New Contributors

  • @asymworks made their first contribution in
  • @dvdkon made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:

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