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v0.5.3 - Bug Fixes

App Version: v0.5.3

Database Version: v0.5.0

Breaking Changes

Breaking Changes


Bug Fixes

  • 755 - Mealie Categories Not Displaying Until After Settings Opened
  • 748 - categories - Internal Server Error
  • 689 - Importing a recipe with time information
  • 671 - Localization not loading on upgrade to v0.5.2
  • 655 - Clicking on "tags" on a mobile phone doesn't work (Wrong link, "Internal server error")
  • 654 - Ram Usage
  • Fixed Missing minus in shopping list UI 688

Features and Improvements


  • Recipe Images are no clickable 678
  • Additional Translations
  • Improved Recipe Parser thanks to @cadamswaite
    • URL Scraper will now choose the best image from the list provided by the site
    • Fixed the debugger to provide more meaningful data
    • Fix issues parsing time formats
    • Added support for parsing scraped nutrition details
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